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Team members

Jeremy Tan Zhi Hao (EPD), Samson Sim (ASD), Chua Wei Hang (EPD), Ryan Yu Jun An (ISTD), See Wan Yi Faith (ISTD), Heong Kheng Boon (ASD)


Thomas Schroepfer, Yang Hui Ying, Pawel Szalachowski

Writing Instructors:

Grace Kong

Teaching Assistant:

Shravya Thandlam Sudhindra

Sometimes, all you need is someone to take you out. Just like the trash in bins around malls.

Autonomous trash clearing made possible, with Trüber.

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In collaboration with

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student Jeremy Tan Zhi Hao Engineering Product Development
student Samson Sim Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Chua Wei Hang Engineering Product Development
student Ryan Yu Jun An Information Systems Technology and Design
student See Wan Yi Faith Information Systems Technology and Design
student Heong Kheng Boon Architecture and Sustainable Design
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