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Smart Streetlighting for the Future

Team members

Chiew Jia Hui (ASD), Han Zhong Kwang (EPD), Toh Jia Pei (EPD), James Kusuma Dewa Halim (EPD)


Nagarajan Raghavan, Bige Tunçer

Writing Instructors:

Nurul Wahidah Binte Mohd Tambee

Teaching Assistant:

Pujani Abayatilake

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Project Summary

Project Summary

The project initially looked at how to create a smarter maintenance system for streetlighting as it is still done  manually and takes up alot of man hours in Singapore despite the push for a Smart Nation.

After extensive user reasearch, it was found that the larger issue is the lack of a system that allows new technology to be easily installed and maintained on the streetlight especially with the ongoing push for the Smart Nation initiative.

Streetlights are playing more and more crucial role in this initiative where, alot of upcoming new technologies, such as infrastructure for autonomous vehicles and environmental senors, are planned to be installed on it due to its prevalence in cities. Thus a new type of streetlight is required to fulfill these new criteria where old streetlights have failed.

Our solution is to create a modular streetlight with pre-installed power supply that could be easily assembled and incorporate new technologies into it. This is achieved through having dedicated modules to house new technology with a plug and play methodology and a rearrangment of the power cables in the streetlight. This creates a system that can quickly install or replace new technology as compared to the old system where one need to pull up power supply cables from the ground up again to strap it to the streetlight. For this project, we managed to install environmental sensors with camera and managed to get it up and running without much trouble.

Modules housing new technology can be done seperately so that the experts or company can work on it reliably and protect their intellectual property before handing over a sealed module for installation. Within the modules are slots to mount the electronics into that can be arranged in different orientations to suit different technological needs. This can be found in the user manual or page 4 of the slider above.

Testing of installation was done and we found that we were able to reduce the time taken for installation and maintainence on-site by more than 50%. User manual and video can be found below.

Streetlight and Module Installation User Manual

Streetlight and Module Installation Video


student Chiew Jia Hui Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Han Zhong Kwang Engineering Product Development
student Toh Jia Pei Engineering Product Development
student James Kusuma Dewa Halim Engineering Product Development
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