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SIA KrisLab Mixed Reality Tour Experience

Team members

Khong Jia Wei (ISTD), Myo Oo (ISTD), James Andrew Pohadi (ISTD), Sarthak Ganoorkar (ISTD), Koh Zhi Xin (EPD), Tay Mei Mei (ISTD)


Kwan Wei Lek, Pawel Szalachowski

Writing Instructors:

Pang Yoke Kian Rachel

Teaching Assistant:

Balakumharen Ammanikadu Palanisamy

About KrisLab

Founded in January 2019, Singapore Airlines’ Digital Innovation Lab, also known as KrisLab, serves as a collaborative workspace to develop novel, innovative and technology-based ideas for Singapore Airlines (SIA). It develops ideas submitted by other SIA employees to bring them to fruition, as well as ideas proposed by external parties such as start-ups or students.

About JiAR

JiAR is an Augmented Reality web application that engages with new SIA employees when they are taking part in an orientation, boosting the presence of KrisLab. JiAR allows its users to explore their environment and scan markers to learn more about KrisLab and its innovative products.

JiAR is supported by a Welcome Kiosk, which stores iPad Minis that visitors to KrisLab may borrow if their mobile phone does not support JiAR, or if they wish to experience JiAR on a bigger screen.

About Welcome Kiosk

Welcome Kiosk consists of a Docking Station and a User Interface. It serves to reduce the need of a physical presence of KrisLab staff to welcome visitors.

The User Interface features an informative video on the developments and innovations that take place within KrisLab, a simple registration form to borrow iPads, as well as a data visualisation page on JiAR leader board to engage the visitors more.

The Docking Station dispenses iPads on successful verification of their email address. After the tour, the iPads are locked in place and charged so that the next user is able to fully utilise the iPad for their tour.

About Visualization Dashboard

Visualization Dashboard is the component which serves the KrisLab staff.

As we fully automate the tour delivery in KrisLab, JiAR and Welcome Kiosk are the components that ensure visitors receive the full KrisLab tour experience, and the Vizualisation Dashboard ensures employees maintain oversight over the tour process and remain aware of visitor preferences.

The dashboard tracks the status of iPads, such that staffs are informed as to how many iPads are on loan and to whom.

Data such as popular JiAR features, InfoMarkers and QuestionMarkers are visualized on the dashboard, providing employees with the visibility necessary to continuously improve on the tour content.


Using JiAR is simple. Simply scan the QR code shown in the Welcome Kiosk with a mobile phone or tablet to be directed to the JiAR web application. There are two types of markers that the user can scan for, Information and Quest markers. Information markers will talk about KrisLab while Quest markers will quiz the user on their knowledge of KrisLab. The more markers scanned and answered, the more points the user gets, which will be shown in a leaderboard!

iPad Info Marker Landscape Mobile Info Marker Portrait iPad Quest Marker Portrait

JiAR is supported for various screen sizes and orientations


Industry Partner


Welcome Kiosk

Registering for an iPad is as simple as filling in the name, contact number and email address, the latter being used for verification purposes. Visitors do not have to go through the hassle of registering for each iPad as they can simply indicate the number of iPads that they wish to borrow. Visitors may even opt in for marketing emails from KrisLab to keep abreast of their developments.

Main Dashboard
Registration Form
krisklab kiosk

Data Visualization



student Khong Jia Wei Information Systems Technology and Design
student Myo Oo Information Systems Technology and Design
student James Andrew Pohadi Information Systems Technology and Design
student Sarthak Ganoorkar Information Systems Technology and Design
student Koh Zhi Xin Engineering Product Development
student Tay Mei Mei Information Systems Technology and Design
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