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Sentree – Fall and Activity Monitor

Team members

Chia Xujie Xavier (EPD), Tan Tiang Teck (EPD), Soh Jun De (ISTD), Tay Kay Jin (EPD), Chong Yi Cheng (ISTD), Tan Tee Meng (EPD), Tey Siew Wen (ISTD)


Yeo Si Yong, Dawn Tan

Writing Instructors:

Pang Yoke Kian Rachel

Teaching Assistant:

Eve Cheong Yew Kuan

About Sentree

The Problem

Singapore is facing an ageing population.

The number of senior citizens is expected to hit 900k by 2030. The average age of caregivers will also increase,  with a projected average age of 53.4 years old by 2050.

Present technologies such as camera-based devices are invasive and has been uncomfortable for the elderly.


There is hence a pressing need for the government to develop autonomous elderly monitoring technologies to ensure that our senior citizens are well looked after in the future. 

Our goal

To develop a non-invasive home-monitoring system for vulnerable elderly that provides unobtrusive fall detection and activity level tracking that preserves individual privacy and can be readily integrated into existing infrastructure

Our Solution



Fall Detection

Falls are one of the biggest threats to the elderly, which is why we are using state of the art radar sensors and machine learning algorithms to ensure the elderly receive timely help.


Activity Levels Tracking

Changes in activity patterns are often an early sign of potential health issues. To achieve this we use a combination of:

1. Binary presence sensors near doorways to track movement around the house

2. Thermal arrays in rooms to track motion within the room

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Industry Partner

How it looks like when the elderly leaves the house

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student Chia Xujie Xavier Engineering Product Development
student Tan Tiang Teck Engineering Product Development
student Soh Jun De Information Systems Technology and Design
student Tay Kay Jin Engineering Product Development
student Chong Yi Cheng Information Systems Technology and Design
student Tan Tee Meng Engineering Product Development
student Tey Siew Wen Information Systems Technology and Design
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