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Team members

Tay Zi Tong Christopher (EPD), Merrick Tay Yu Jie (ISTD), Lim Yi Dun Eldon (EPD), Lim Wei Sheng Wilson (EPD), Marooth Nath Chaowanasatier (ISTD), Stephanie Ann Lim Tian Yuan (EPD), Han Rui Ting (EPD)


Kwan Wei Lek, Pawel Szalachowski

Writing Instructors:

Pang Yoke Kian Rachel

Teaching Assistant:

Balakumharen Ammanikadu Palanisamy

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With the incoming Industry 5.0, manufacturing priorities would shift and focus more on flexible manufacturing, as products become highly personalised. Flexibility brings reduced iteration costs, greater customisation.


Autonomous robots are highly effective to accomodate such flexible manufacturing, as robots are more efficient than human works for repetitive and strenuous tasks, and could be quickly reprogrammed for new layouts and processes.


Although there exists autonomous robots in the current market, omnidirectional autonomous robots are typically very expensive, may not carry more than 200kg and meet cleanroom standards at the same time.

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Prototype Picture 1

Prototype Picture 3 Easter



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Physical Prototype

The prototype was also tested with a payload of 200kg, as seen in the video after 00:28.

Virtual Prototype


student Tay Zi Tong Christopher Engineering Product Development
student Merrick Tay Yu Jie Information Systems Technology and Design
student Lim Yi Dun Eldon Engineering Product Development
student Lim Wei Sheng Wilson Engineering Product Development
student Marooth Nath Chaowanasatier Information Systems Technology and Design
student Stephanie Ann Lim Tian Yuan Engineering Product Development
student Han Rui Ting Engineering Product Development
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