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Team members

Ismam Al Hoque (ISTD), Brandon Marc Boudville (ESD), Kenneth Chow (EPD), Cai He Ang (ESD), Wan Ying (ESD), Low Eng Hao (EPD), Han Jing Bertha (ISTD)


Yeo Si Yong, Dawn Tan, Georgios Piliouras

Writing Instructors:

Pang Yoke Kian Rachel

Teaching Assistant:

Eve Cheong Yew Kuan

The Safer Riding application aims to promote safer riding by analysing a rider's behaviour on the roads. A rider is given a score after each ride, and at the end of every month, be ranked on a population wide leaderboard. A higher ranking would be incentivised with higher insurance rebates with select insurance partners. This promotion of safer riding would also benefit the insurance companies.

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Application Usage

The application records the user data by using in-phone sensors and the camera to track rider behaviour on the roads, and calculates a rider safety score accordingly.


As such, the user will be given feedback on their particular riding/driving behaviour, and can also adjust their behaviour to be more 'safe' as compared to their counterparts on the leaderboard.


These leaderboard statistics would also be shared with select insurance provider, so as to obtain premium rebates to benefit both the rider and the insurance company in curbing dangerous riding behaviours, and subsequently, claims filed.









Scoring of Rider

The video on the right examines a rider's profile in the ride. The rider is scored on 3 values, motion, environment and interaction.

Motion examines the rider's movement in a ride and assesses whether it is safe, or unsafe.

Environment examines the objects around the rider, and the threats of which they pose to the rider in every data stamp.

Interaction examines the workings between both the motion and the environment of the rider.








maintainence records
combined leaderboards

WHYRE (Dangerous)

Quality of Life aspects

There is also a quality of life aspect of the application as well, there is a seperate page for maintainence notes and records, which can be used as a reminder for motorists to service and maintain their vehicle as well.


student Ismam Al Hoque Information Systems Technology and Design
student Brandon Marc Boudville Engineering Systems and Design
student Kenneth Chow Engineering Product Development
student Cai He Ang Engineering Systems and Design
student Wan Ying Engineering Systems and Design
student Low Eng Hao Engineering Product Development
student Han Jing Bertha Information Systems Technology and Design
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