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Team members

Lim Keng Hin (ISTD), Chuang Kuang Jie Ivan (ISTD), Ng Jia Sheng Jason (ESD), Billio Jeverson (ISTD), Joey Leong Wen Ai (ESD), Keerthana Janmugam (ESD), Tan Hui Ru Eda (ISTD)


Cyrille Pierre Joseph Jegourel, Stefano Galelli, Ying Xu

Writing Instructors:

Nurul Wahidah Binte Mohd Tambee

Our Problem Statement

To make career and education guidance more accessible, personalised and sustainable for youths.

About PlanAhead

For students, by students!

PlanAhead is a prototype created in collaboration with GovTech’s LifeSG initiative for Junior College students/graduates. With career and education information at your fingertips, let PlanAhead personalise and plan your life journey!

About LifeSG

LifeSG is a mobile app that supports citizens’ needs by simplifying and bundling a suite of services and information into one single platform.

Our poster

capstone poster lifesg top capstone poster lifesg bottom

Our solution

  1. User interface User Interface: Aesthetic and simple interface for ease of navigation and use
  2. Intelligence model Intelligence: A mixture of Natural Language Processing and AI models that recommends users' personalized careers and educations
  3. Database Data: Obtained from university websites and SkillsFuture

Who are we?

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Team PlanAhead is a bunch of food-loving and hardworking seniors who always do their best no matter the situation!

Industry Partner

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Explore the app!

The Home Screen: Home of important tasks and shortcuts to the rest of the app!

home screen

Education Screen: You can view your recommendations and your degrees sorted by institutions.

education search

Degree Information: Learn more about each degree and you can add the degree to your education goals for quick reference!

degree information

Career Screen: Check out your career recommendations and the different industries available in Singapore!

career search

Industry Information: Watch testimonies by industry experts, and learn more about the industry itself!

industry information

Job Information: Add the job to your career goals,  and learn about the tasks required in a job and what personality types are more suited for this job!

job information

Plans: Add timelines and compare them to make a more informed decision based on cost and duration!

plan comparison

Our users' feedback!

User testing comments



student Lim Keng Hin Information Systems Technology and Design
student Chuang Kuang Jie Ivan Information Systems Technology and Design
student Ng Jia Sheng Jason Engineering Systems and Design
student Billio Jeverson Information Systems Technology and Design
student Joey Leong Wen Ai Engineering Systems and Design
student Keerthana Janmugam Engineering Systems and Design
student Tan Hui Ru Eda Information Systems Technology and Design
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