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Team members

Bai Jialong (EPD), Faiz Azhar Hazman (EPD), Nicholas Lok Jia Wen (EPD), Chay Wai Peng Benjamin (EPD), Koh Seu Kim (ISTD), Loy Yong Yi Wendy (EPD)


Kwan Wei Lek, Pawel Szalachowski

Writing Instructors:

Pang Yoke Kian Rachel

Teaching Assistant:

Balakumharen Ammanikadu Palanisamy

Capstone Mentor:

Khoo Xiao Juan

MeCo - Your Medical Companion

Interactive 3D Model

Rotate: Drag left mouse button / one finger drag       Pan: Drag right mouse button / two finger drag       Zoom: Scroll mouse wheel / two finger pinch






What It Does

MeCo is an automated pill dispenser that aims to improve medication adherence mainly for the elderly. This makes taking medicine hassle-free because MeCo handles almost everything.















Simply slot the pill cartridges prepared by the clinic or hospital into MeCo, close the door, and you are done! MeCo always knows the content of each cartridge.














Computer Vision

MeCo recognises and verifies the pills before dispensing to ensure your dosage is accurate, so that you do not need to worry.















Companion App

You can upload a customizable reminder video on MeCo which plays when the medication is dispensed. Now your favourite person can remind you every time!

This companion app allows monitoring of medication adherence so doctors can know if any dose was missed just by checking the app.








Industry Partner

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student Bai Jialong Engineering Product Development
student Faiz Azhar Hazman Engineering Product Development
student Nicholas Lok Jia Wen Engineering Product Development
student Chay Wai Peng Benjamin Engineering Product Development
student Koh Seu Kim Information Systems Technology and Design
student Loy Yong Yi Wendy Engineering Product Development
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