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Team members

Fariha Ahsan (ESD), Ang Rui Wen Gladwin (ESD), Shanice Ng Shii Qing (ESD), Cher Jia Xi Jane (ASD), Han Jing (ASD), Wesley Koh Zhi Peng (ASD), Wan Mengcheng (ASD)


Peter Jackson, Kenneth Joseph Tracy

Writing Instructors:

Grace Kong

Teaching Assistant:

Pheh Ying Hong

O U R   M O T I V A T I O N

Plastic bags are responsible for the deaths of thousands of sea turtles and marine animals every year, and their effect on us humans is gradually increasing. At the current rate of waste disposal, Singapore’s Pulau Semakau landfill will expire by 2035 and plastic bags currently make up about 10% of the overall waste disposed of at the landfill. 

Hence, our design is aimed at raising awareness about the environmental impact of plastic bags while providing alternatives, all in an effort to extend Pulau Semakau’s lifespan. 

E C O - F R I E N D L Y   C O N C E P T   S T O R E 

Our eco-friendly concept store is a sustainability-focused experiential concept store that transforms traditional atrium stores into an engaging and immersive space through game stations, exhibits, curated sustainable bags, and an exclusive checkout experience, all aimed at informing and inspiring shoppers to reduce their use of plastic bags. 


Layout of Concept Store

Layout of our eco-friendly concept store



B E A C H   A D V E N T U R E S   W I T H   E C O - M I L E S

eco miles

Our mascot, Eco Miles


The eco-friendly concept store offers a fun and informative Kinect Game for primary school children, with a strong emphasis on educating them about plastic bag waste. In this game, kids will follow Eco Miles, a poor otter whose habitat has been ruined by people who have unconsciously thrown away their plastic bags, on a quest to save other marine animals. Kids will also learn to properly recycle plastic bags, bringing home the message to share with their family.


You can try out the game on the right!





I N S T A G R A M M A B L E   W A L L

Adding a fun and quirky dimension to the concept shop, this instragrammable wall appeals to shoppers of all ages. From pretending to be trapped in a giant plastic bag to being carried in a reusable bag, shoppers can keep their pictures as reminders or share on their social media to spread awareness.

instagrammable wall instagrammable wall 2



E N H A N C E D   R E U S A B L E   B A G

Our eco-friendly concept store offers a unique selection of aesthetically appealing and modular reusable bags. Strategically located beside the queuing lane, the bags are easily accessible and visible to shoppers as they wait in line. Ideally, after learning about the negative effects of plastic bags, reusable bags offer shoppers an incentive to actively take a stand against plastic bags.


G R E E N   S E L F - C H E C K O U T   C O U N T E R

The eco-friendly concept store offers a new innovative self-checkout user interface that encourages shoppers to consciously reduce the amount of plastic bags they use during their grocery shopping. With sustainability at its core, the self-checkout user interface inquires if shoppers have brought their own bags, educates shoppers about the negative impact of plastic bags and encourages shoppers to disclose the amount of plastic bags they have taken. The checkout counter also offers bioplastic bags as an alternative to plastic bags.


Scroll through to check out the different facts shown on the user interface and how the bioplastic bags are incorporated into the self-checkout counter!


P A R T N E R S '   B A C K G R O U N D :   O C B C   B A N K   &

N T U C   F A I R P R I C E   C O .   L T D .

OCBC and FairPrice are working together on this initiative as they are partners in their credit card partnership. OCBC is working on a CSR project focusing on waste management while NTUC is continuing their in-store sustainability efforts. This collaboration is therefore a way for them to further grow their current relationship and at the same time doing good for the community. As a result, they are collectively pursuing this initiative to cut down the use of plastic bags in supermarkets and, in general, in our society.

image 2020 08 06 12 16 40

W A L K T H R O U G H   O U R   C O N C E P T   S T O R E

This provides our partner with the opportunity to test ideas with real shoppers in a safe, small-scale environment. The Concept Store also seeks to build a community of shoppers who are more mindful of the negative effects of plastic bags and willing to engage in a lifestyle that adopts plastic alternatives for a change.


SUTD 2020 Capstone Project S29: Reducing Plastic Bag Usage in Supermarkets

Play our video!



If the game does not load, try clicking this link here.
You can watch the full video walkthorugh here.
Note: The game may be incompatible on certain devices.


C U R A T E D   P O S T E R   W A L L

The poster wall is dedicated to educating shoppers on a wide range of topics. Curated posters are designed to answer questions shoppers have been asking for ages: what happens to plastic bags after disposal? What are some alternatives to plastic bags? Additionally, the poster wall is also dedicated to demonstrating why plastic bags are a big problem for Singapore and what steps shoppers may take to fix the issue of plastic bag waste.













Photos of Reusable Bag by Lee Jin Yang




Brought your own bag? What will you see on the screen? Play the video to find out!


Need to take a plastic bag? What will you see on the screen? Play the video to find out!


student Fariha Ahsan Engineering Systems and Design
student Ang Rui Wen Gladwin Engineering Systems and Design
student Shanice Ng Shii Qing Engineering Systems and Design
student Cher Jia Xi Jane Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Han Jing Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Wesley Koh Zhi Peng Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Wan Mengcheng Architecture and Sustainable Design
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