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Team members

Chen Ran (ASD), Lee Xue'En Esther (EPD), Ng Jen Yang (ISTD), Suryono Gunawan Ali (EPD), Teo Yong Quan (ISTD), Wong Shu Miin Naomi (ASD)


Thomas Schroepfer, Low Hong Yee, Liu Jun

Teaching Assistant:

Shravya Thandlam Sudhindra

A smart stackable home farming appliance with its automated features and mobile application that can cultivate your crops simpler for a safer and healthier food.

This is a research project between Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific with SUTD Capstone Programme and a potential product under the Panasonic branding.

Render: Kounki in Kitchen

Render: Kounki in Living Room


Industry Partner


Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific     

Product Exploded Axonometric
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student Chen Ran Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Lee Xue'En Esther Engineering Product Development
student Ng Jen Yang Information Systems Technology and Design
student Suryono Gunawan Ali Engineering Product Development
student Teo Yong Quan Information Systems Technology and Design
student Wong Shu Miin Naomi Architecture and Sustainable Design
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