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Team members

Chung Jia Kiat Jake (ESD), Goh Hui Yee (ESD), Jiang Youwen (ESD), Ong Zhi Long (EPD), Sng Khai Chong Emerson (EPD), Tay Qin Long (ISTD)


Dawn Tan, Georgios Piliouras, Yeo Si Yong

Writing Instructors:

Pang Yoke Kian Rachel

Teaching Assistant:

Eve Cheong Yew Kuan

A two-in-one solution for temperature regulation of warehouses that has the flexibility of PVC air curtains and the durability of shuttle doors



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  • Benefits of HexaCurtain
  • Minimise Air Leakage
  • Fewer panel oscillations upon movement and less surface area exposed to the external environment compared to regular PVC strips, minimising air leakage from air-conditioned warehouse spaces

  • More Cost-Efficient

  • More economically efficient in the long run through electricity cost savings

  • Modularity
  • Hexagonal panels are modular and easily replaceable to ensure high scalability for varying warehousing needs




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Addresses Limitations of Existing Solutions

• Circumvents irremovable oil stains from repeated contact with material-handling equipment (MHE) and forklifts

  • • Lowers replacement cost ​

  • • Higher effectiveness in preventing air leakage and temperature fluctuations in warehouse spaces

  • • No risk of collision as sensors will automatically detect incoming MHE




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Impacts of HexaCurtain on the field​

  • • Addresses energy & spatial challenges from the rising demand for storage spaces

  • • An essential and one-size-fits-all component of a current and competitive warehouse​

  • • Revitalizes the logistics industry ​through automation

  • • Aligns with sustainability efforts through energy savings 





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Future Developments

  • Improve Visibility & Heat Reflection

  • Solar film can be added to the panels to reflect heat from incident sunlight while allowing light to pass through

  • Improve Flexibility & Stability

  • A more flexible type of rubber can be used to smoothen panel movement 

  • Reduce Material Cost

  • Cheaper alternatives to some components (e.g. sensors) of the HexaCurtain and bulk purchases can drive costs down further



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Our Iterations

From paper models, 3D prints, and scaled-down acrylic prototypes to our full-sized acrylic prototype, iterative modifications were made along our design process to ensure the best final prototype we can manufacture




Industry Partner

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student Chung Jia Kiat Jake Engineering Systems and Design
student Goh Hui Yee Engineering Systems and Design
student Jiang Youwen Engineering Systems and Design
student Ong Zhi Long Engineering Product Development
student Sng Khai Chong Emerson Engineering Product Development
student Tay Qin Long Information Systems Technology and Design
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