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FORE (4-Dimensional Urban Planning Approach for Upcoming Developments in Singapore)

Team members

Liew Cher Don (ESD), Lim Hai Heng Lester (ASD), Ngiam Ju Jin Lucas (ASD), Toh Sing Ru (ASD), Wong Chin Hong (ESD)


Peter Jackson, Kenneth Joseph Tracy

Writing Instructors:

Grace Kong

Teaching Assistant:

Pheh Ying Hong

FORE is an inclusive and user-friendly framework for future users to recreate realistic urban planning simulations, able to be used to predict and prevent critical design flaws as well as engage the public with future developments in Singapore.

Click here to access our framework.


Industry Partner

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GovTech is the implementing agency under the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG) initiative by the Singapore government. By utilising digital technologies, GovTech hopes to fulfil Singapore’s ambition to be a Smart Nation through the creation of the country’s platform and apps. In order to be able to engage more closely with the citizens, GovTech is trying to bridge the gap between the people and public services through “citizen-centric user experiences” and intuitive platforms.

There exists a continuing push for efficient planning for the urban infrastructure, especially in Singapore due to its limited land space.

Developments that are completed only to be realized that it is not the most suitable design would result in waste resources: Immense human and material resources would be needed to correct the flaw.

Hence, the ability to digitally recreate landscapes in Singapore becomes extremely beneficial -- in order to evaluate and to learn the successes and failures of the current systems. However, resources required to achieve efficient planning such as digital twinning or urban simulations might not be readily accessible, face manpower and skill-related barriers especially for smaller entities.

FORE aims to fill in this gap by developing an easy to use, inclusive digital platform to easily for simulating vehicle and pedestrian flows for developers during the design phases of urban planning in Singapore, which allows for developers to better understand future developments and at the same time engage other stakeholders and the public in these developments. This project showcases the complementary skillsets of both architecture-trained and systems engineering-trained students to synthesise data for output on a digital environment as the digital platform.

Click here to access our framework.



student Liew Cher Don Engineering Systems and Design
student Lim Hai Heng Lester Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Ngiam Ju Jin Lucas Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Toh Sing Ru Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Wong Chin Hong Engineering Systems and Design
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