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Facilities Management with Proccoli

Team members

Wang Wei Liang (EPD), Chong Yu Kai (ESD), Tan Jin Yan (ISTD), Low Wei Leong Lucus (ISTD), Zhou Enna (ISTD), Koe Jia Yee (ISTD)


Nagarajan Raghavan, Malika Meghjani, Stefano Galelli, Ying Xu

Writing Instructors:

Nurul Wahidah Binte Mohd Tambee

Teaching Assistant:

Pujani Abayatilake

About Proccoli

Proccoli is a SaaS (software as a service) e-procurement tool for the facilities management (FM) industry to make procurement processes efficient, transparent and integrated. Helmed by a team of aspiring final year students, we are redesigning traditional procurement processes to bring the FM industry to the next phase of change. With Proccoli's e-procurement, digital tendering and e-invoicing features, facilities management processes can be made more efficient and effectively pain free!

Why Facilities Management?

Procurement for facilities management is a manual and inefficient process. Such cumbersome processes have led to a lack of transparency and often results in substandard service quality and higher procurement costs.

Concerns about quality and reliability have made facility managers hesitant to change their longstanding reliance on direct dealing with suppliers.

Additionally, as managers become more reliant on third-party providers, controlling spending, compliance, and risks have become a bigger headache due to the lack of structure.

The repetitive work that dominates a facility manager’s procurement workflow is due to the industry lag in digital maturity and technology penetration. 

Proccoli Marketing Video

User Experience Flows

fm flow 1
supplier flow 2

Features & Functionalities

Proccoli's procurement workflow is designed to be seamless, intuitive and efficient.

The facilities manager is given an instant overview of ongoing projects and upcoming deadlines on the dashboard. New projects can be created using a professional template for request creation. Then, suppliers can be selected from the huge pool of contractors in Proccoli's pre-qualified supplier directory. Upon receiving bids / quotations, they are collated into a bids comparison table to help managers make informed decisions. This table is exportable in various formats to be inserted in a report or for presentations. 

Proccoli leverages on our network of condominiums that post jobs on our platform to aggregate demand. A user’s job posting will be matched when another job with matching criteria is found within the timing threshold. It is especially useful for small condos as it empowers them with higher bargaining power.


A good supplier base keeps a healthy marketplace. The supplier interface servces as a vendor's digital shopfront to present its product catalogue, track record and qualifications to potential customers easily. 

Suppliers can browse job opportunities posted by facilities manager and keep track of submitted bids. Simple queries can be directly communicated to relevant managers. Most importantly, each supplier has a customisable profile to better advertise their services and products.

All registered suppliers go through a verification process and are indicated on the platform.

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student Wang Wei Liang Engineering Product Development
student Chong Yu Kai Engineering Systems and Design
student Tan Jin Yan Information Systems Technology and Design
student Low Wei Leong Lucus Information Systems Technology and Design
student Zhou Enna Information Systems Technology and Design
student Koe Jia Yee Information Systems Technology and Design
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