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EXERBIT (Exercising a little bit daily)

Team members

Ho Di Xiang Darren (ASD), Abdul Irfan Hadi Bin Amir (ASD), Edmund Chiang Jia Wei (EPD), Tan Wei Jin (ISTD), Cheong Rui Zhi Jeremy (EPD), Tay Boon Kiat (ASD)


Chong Keng Hua, Robert Edward Simpson, Jiang Wenchao

Writing Instructors:

Grace Kong

Teaching Assistant:

Doreen Steven Mlote


Exerbit is a playbook designed by the team with the idea of reimagining spaces in Tampines as gamified exercising areas and gardening spaces that integrates into a social community ‘platform’ that brings families and neighbors together to strengthen relationships and physical health.


A study in Tampines was conducted to understand the scale of the different parks existing in Tampines. These parks are categorized into 3 categories: Precinct, Sub-Neighbourhood and Neighbourhood









A concept plan of the redesigned Tampines Central Park sectioned into 3

different zones: Active, Passive and Play (in order from left to right)

Active:    Diverse range of equipment and space for visitors of different age


Passive:  Allotment Garden along a tranquil strolling path shaded by the

                  canopy of trees

Play:       Enhancing existing fruit playgrounds to integrate AR/VR games

                 that requires sensor

















Pictorial zoning of Tampines-Simei Park Connector, revamping under-utilized spaces such as spaces under viaducts into interactive fitness

corners and gardening spaces. The newly designed Tampines-Simei Park Connector consists of 6 different thematic zones that are categorized

generally under Active and Passive zones. 

In order from left to right in the pictures:

1. Skate Zone that consists of skate park that runs adjacent to cycling

   and pedestrian paths.

2. Play Zone that has a playscape for kids to play and a terrace

    infrastructure for residents to rest, relax and catch up with one another.

3. Silver Zone which is catered to the elderly with reflexology park for

    elderly to stay healthy and a sensory garden for elderly and other

    residents to do gardening.

4. Reflection Zone that has pockets of space for contemplation and

    benches that stretches along the running track.

5. Fitness Zone with enhanced and gamified fitness equipment allowing users

    to track their progress while having a different experience while exercising.

6. Sport Zone with various sport courts such as a basketball half-court and

    badminton court to encourage exercising in the parks.



ExerciseGO! is a physical prototype representation of the gamified exercising fitness areas in the redesigned Tampines Central Park and Tampines-Simei Park Connector. The core concept of the design lies in the gamification of the exercise where the movements generated from the exercise is detected by sensors and translated into a feedback in the game, played on the player's mobile device.



Spaceship and Asteroids Game: A simple and casual game designed by the team using Unity. The game can be linked to fitness equipment to enhance the exercising experience for users. The objective of this game is to propel the spaceship upwards and avoid the incoming asteroids. Every 10 points accumulated indicates 1 second of exercise.

Try the game in the web version here now! Hit space to propel the spaceship upwards!



Industry Partners:

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student Ho Di Xiang Darren Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Abdul Irfan Hadi Bin Amir Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Edmund Chiang Jia Wei Engineering Product Development
student Tan Wei Jin Information Systems Technology and Design
student Cheong Rui Zhi Jeremy Engineering Product Development
student Tay Boon Kiat Architecture and Sustainable Design
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