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Contactless Wayfinding Installation (by Snap Labs – discover)

Team members

Cheryl Low Rui Min (EPD), Lee Kai Min Frank (EPD), Sean Lee Jun Wei (ASD), Lee Qian Yi Jeanette (ASD), Tang Mingzheng Paul (ISTD), Yong Khai Sheen (ISTD)


Nagarajan Raghavan, Bige Tunçer, Malika Meghjani

Writing Instructors:

Nurul Wahidah Binte Mohd Tambee

Teaching Assistant:

Pujani Abayatilake


SNAP LABS - discover. specializes in the development of experiential marketing technologies. We provide creative engagement solutions to help you achieve your marketing goals by connecting and exciting audiences. 

To validate our business model, we decided to approach SUTD Marketing for our proof-of-concept project.


Visitors of SUTD (and even those part of the SUTD family) have always had trouble finding their way around the school due to the lack of any proper wayfinding markers/ systems.


The Interactive SUTD Directory is an independent structure that works as an interactive yet contactless dashboard, featuring mainly an event listing and school map directory besides others. It makes use of motion sensing and projection technologies to reimagine the wayfinding process.


Installation demo video

Fabrication video (behind the scenes)

Project poster

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The SUTD contactless wayfinder will be permanently on display in at the entrance of the SUTD Upper Changi MRT entrance. We gladly invite you all to come and take a look (and try to beat our easter egg game high score ;D)




Our capstone team would like to thank all those who have supported us throughout this capstone journey! (You know who you are :))


Special shoutout to Prof Bige, Prof Naga, Prof Malika and TA Punjani for all your guidance and mentorship these past 2 terms! THANK YOU!


student Cheryl Low Rui Min Engineering Product Development
student Lee Kai Min Frank Engineering Product Development
student Sean Lee Jun Wei Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Lee Qian Yi Jeanette Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Tang Mingzheng Paul Information Systems Technology and Design
student Yong Khai Sheen Information Systems Technology and Design
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