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Apps for Capturing Knowledge

Team members

Zhu Bo (ISTD), Yuan Yongxi (ESD), Lu Jiankun (ISTD), Wang Tianduo (ISTD), Liu Zhaohong (ISTD), Li Yueqin (ISTD), Ji Yihong (ESD)


Lynette Cheah, Chen Binbin

Writing Instructors:

Nurul Wahidah Binte Mohd Tambee

Teaching Assistant:

Abdul Gafoor Jubair Ahamed





The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) is an institution that conducts cutting-edge research studies to address the needs of Singapore’s economic, social and military environment. The company identifies knowledge management (KM) as one of the research areas. One of the main challenges of KM is to capture the tacit knowledge.  This project seeks to contribute original ideas and push the boundaries of current research on capturing tacit knowledge using knowledge authoring methods.


Travel bloggers might assume that some important information is common knowledge, and naturally omit them from their guides. Single writer does not possess all the knowledge, and are thus not experienced enough to include all the important knowledge in their guides.
These elements are tacit knowledge in travel, which are often left out in travel guides. Nevertheless, it should be documented because it contains a lot of important information.


Design and develop software to make the process of knowledge capturing easier, and to make the collected knowledge complete and easily understandable.





student Zhu Bo Information Systems Technology and Design
student Yuan Yongxi Engineering Systems and Design
student Lu Jiankun Information Systems Technology and Design
student Wang Tianduo Information Systems Technology and Design
student Liu Zhaohong Information Systems Technology and Design
student Li Yueqin Information Systems Technology and Design
student Ji Yihong Engineering Systems and Design
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